Our services run the gamut when it comes to professional home audio and video installation. We do it all from basic projects like programming intelligent remotes and mounting TVs to installing outdoor entertainment systems and integrated whole-house audio and video. We help clients setup and program home technology contra systems and remotes, and we even assist clients in getting their old systems reinstalled and running when they move into new homes. In addition to providing premiere installation services, Texas Home Technology is also an authorized dealer for some of the country’s leading audio and video companies including Boston Acoustics, Denon and Sonance. And whether you purchase audio and video components from us or another supplier, we will provide expert and timely service to get your home entertainment system sounding and looking wonderful.

Whether it’s a simple sound bar, a whole home networked audio system or a combination somewhere in between, we have the knowledge and experience to help you select an audio system and accessories that meet both your listening needs and your budget. We even offer in-home consultations to develop a clear sense of what you want out of your home entertainment and technology. It also enables us to give you the best product and installation advice based on those wants and your home environment. Our home audio installation services include primary audio components, sound bars and sub-woofers, in-wall speakers and mounting systems, wired and wireless indoor and outdoor audio, single-room audio surround, and multi-room or whole-house integrated audio installation. Texas Home Technology calibrates all audio systems we install.

When we install flat panel TVs, we ensure proper placement for viewing, check that the TV is level and securely mounted, perform basic audio and video setup and, if desired, install outlets for coax cable, HDMI and electrical, so that we may run cables and wiring behind walls to give your system a more elegant, finished look. We also install an array of video peripherals such as blu-ray, Roku, AppleTV, and gaming systems. And, if you have a more custom TV or video integration plan in mind, we provide automated in-cabinet and TV lift design and build services. Our craftsmen will design and build just about anything you might need to make your new audio and video components fit the decor and ambience of your home. We also install HD projectors and screens, both fixed and retractable, as well as flat-panel TVs designed for outdoor and patio use.

Getting your home theater set up correctly is just as important as selecting the products that comprise it. Texas Home Technology can help you with either or both and give you a real in-home theater experience. We install 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound audio, large flat-panel TVs, theater screens, and projectors, as well as a variety of theater seating, lighting options and full system remote controls.

While we tend to think of the picture first, the audio element of your home theater setup is what really completes that immersive cinema experience that most people dream of when planning their own home theater. Being fully enveloped in the sounds of the film – while still in the comfy confines of your own home – is what really makes you feel like you are “in the movie”.

Thanks to technology advances in the last few years, having a home theater doesn’t mean you have to install a large screen and projector. Today, there are a variety of flat-panel TV options available in sizes larger than 80 inches. For many clients, this is plenty of screen real estate – especially if your home theater will be in a room with a moderate amount of natural light or in a smaller space like a downtown condo. Yet, most home theater clients seeking that full-cinema feeling for their homes opt to have a screen and projector system installed.

We help clients complete their home theater experience by offering design and installation services for other essential ambience elements such as remote and variable level lighting, staggered risers for seating, theater chairs and recliners, and motorized screen and window curtains (including optional soundproofing fabrics).

THT offers several remote control options for running your new home theater. We can install systems that run via RF remote or that you can control via your smartphone or tablet. Want to push a single button that will lower the screen, dim the lights, start the movie and close the curtains? We can make that happen.

Thanks in large part to the development of mobile technology and smart devices, home automation has come a long way in recent years. You no longer have to rely on integrated panel controls on appliances nor are you limited to controlling automated systems solely within the confines of your home. Today’s home automation systems put control of lights, music, TV, movies, weather reports, home heating and cooling, and much more, all at your fingertips. And, best of all, the automation systems and software installed by Texas Home Technology can turn on your typical smart device (such as a phone or iPad) as well as proprietary remotes. This can give you access and control to automated systems from anywhere in your home or halfway around the world. Using an intuitive interface from a single screen, you can simplify your life by automating important home systems—even if you’re not there, accessing your music collection from anywhere in your home or browsing through your entire movie library.

With the advances in remote access precipitated by smart devices, home automation systems are a great way to control key elements of your home when your away and to do the same for your vacation home. Turning interior and exterior lights on and off, controlling temperature, monitoring security systems, even managing landscape irrigation from your smart phone or tablet are all possible with the right home automation system. And, as with all our installation services, THT technicians train our home automation on clients on how to use their new system not just so they’re comfortable using it, but so that they really are able to enjoy the freedom and simpler life that home automation promises.

Dropped calls, poor cellular reception and weak wi-fi signals are a common complaint from our clients. While we used to accept those inconveniences as part and parcel of wireless networks, those selfsame networks have become such an integral part of our daily lives that when they fail us, it can cause major inconvenience and frustration. Texas Home Technology can boost your wi-fi signal and improve cellphone reception in your home.

Weak cellular network signals in the home result from a variety of factors including distance from local towers, impedance caused by certain roofing materials and in-home obstructions to cellular signals. We offer several industry-leading cell booster systems that will eliminate cell phone dead zones in your home, drastically increase signal coverage and even speed up data transfer rates on cellular devices you use in the home.

THT provides similar services to improve home wi-fi networks. The wireless lifestyle we so enjoy takes a heavy toll on our home wi-fi networks. While we used to simply rely on our wi-fi setup to handle a couple of laptops, we now call on it to provide internet and network connectivity for a host of computers, smart devices and home electronics. A weak signal or overtaxed wi-fi network often results in poor device performance or even complete device failure. Fortunately, we have several hardware and network remedies that improve wi-fi signal strength throughout the home making it easier for our clients to take full advantage of their wireless gadgets and home systems. Additionally, we also help clients determine when it might be more advantageous to “hard-wire” a system or electronic device in an effort to reduce the amount of overall usage on a home’s wi-fi network. We often make this recommendation when device usage wouldn’t be enhanced by wireless connectivity (e.g. for a TV with internet capability).

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What Client’s Say

Thanks, THT, for making my move to a new house so stress-free. You simplified it all by moving my TV’s, components and stereo systems to the new place and got them all set up and working in no time. I especially appreciate you meeting the TimeWarner Cable technician and making sure everything was connected and working. Not much else was working that first night, but I was able to relax and watch my favorite shows in my new house. I loved the personalized service!
Jennfer B., Austin, TX
Steve worked on three of our home television systems, setting up universal remotes on two and improving the audio and video quality on the other. He was personable, knowledgeable, prompt and responsive. I couldn’t be happier with his services.
J. Osborn, Texas