Texas Home Technology – Locally Owned and Operated

Steve Farabee
Steve FarabeeFounder
THT’s founder, Steve Farabee, worked in the cable and telecommunications industry for more that 25 years. Prior to retiring, he was Vice President of Operations at Time Warner Cable in Austin, and was responsible for the launch of Road Runner High-Speed Internet Service. Steve founded Texas Home Technology in 2007 with the goal of providing our clients the professional home technology service and ensuring that they got the best value and most enjoyment out of their home entertainment technology.

Those goals remain our top priority. TIme and again, our clients share stories of poor customer service from big-box retailers or bemoan the indecipherable jargon or lack of key information found in the manuals that come with home technology products. At THT, we work hard to provide great service and to educate our customers about the products and systems we install so that they are comfortable and happy with their new products and systems. “THT is a different kind of company—one that gives clients personal, hands-on, expert help with their home entertainment technology,” Steve says. “What’s the point of investing in home technology components and systems if you cannot enjoy it? These products are supposed to simplify home life, provide people with more freedom in dealing with home tasks, and make it easier to enjoy a wide variety of home entertainment. We make sure that’s the experience our clients have.”

That’s why we make in-person assistance available to all our clients, and why we make customer satisfaction our top priority.

“Customers sometimes get so frustrated by home technology that they don’t enjoy the benefits. When they do try to get help, it’s often only available via telephone, an indecipherable manual, or from a person who doesn’t know how to explain things in a simple, easy-to-follow manner,” says Farabee.